Monday, October 25, 2010


Just a ghost from the past popping in to say hello and I'm sorry.

October is a good time for ghosts, amiright?

It's been over a year since I last logged into SL, when my old computer died a slow and horrible death, and other things in life took me in many different directions.

Since then I've seen more than a new computer...

This past spring I lost my job at the hospital and have begun travelling for work. This made life a little difficult for my niece and I, whom I've raised as my own for years. She's now living with her grandmother, which has been incredibly hard to adjust to. But we're getting by, she's doing wonderfully and I'm loving my new work. I'm currently in northern California, right in the middle of wine country! Gotta love that!

But I do miss Colorado and when the job here ends in December I'll be back home for a white Christmas with my niece and the wonderful man I became engaged to this summer.

Even though it's been well over a year, I feel the need to apologize to the friends I left when my computer fried. I wish I'd had a way to contact many of the people I'd met and created such a friendship with.

Whether or not I'm returning to SL (haven't decided if I want to take it up again or not, or what I'll do if I choose to go back in) I want my friends, Nikki, Claudia, Alicia, Sehra, Emerald, Sophia, CeNedra, Quaintly, Landon, and so many more... to know that they are loved and they are missed.

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