Monday, October 25, 2010


Just a ghost from the past popping in to say hello and I'm sorry.

October is a good time for ghosts, amiright?

It's been over a year since I last logged into SL, when my old computer died a slow and horrible death, and other things in life took me in many different directions.

Since then I've seen more than a new computer...

This past spring I lost my job at the hospital and have begun travelling for work. This made life a little difficult for my niece and I, whom I've raised as my own for years. She's now living with her grandmother, which has been incredibly hard to adjust to. But we're getting by, she's doing wonderfully and I'm loving my new work. I'm currently in northern California, right in the middle of wine country! Gotta love that!

But I do miss Colorado and when the job here ends in December I'll be back home for a white Christmas with my niece and the wonderful man I became engaged to this summer.

Even though it's been well over a year, I feel the need to apologize to the friends I left when my computer fried. I wish I'd had a way to contact many of the people I'd met and created such a friendship with.

Whether or not I'm returning to SL (haven't decided if I want to take it up again or not, or what I'll do if I choose to go back in) I want my friends, Nikki, Claudia, Alicia, Sehra, Emerald, Sophia, CeNedra, Quaintly, Landon, and so many more... to know that they are loved and they are missed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm almost finished decorating the new place at Bluebonnet!

This is the house I ended up picking when I decided against the victorian-- the Solstice from Brennan Homes. I love it!! It's sort of a mountain home, so not only does it appeal to my inner Coloradoan but it works really well on the side of the hill. Just below is the garden I'm still working on.

I have most of the furniture in, though I still need some more wall hangings and rugs and knick-knacks and all those homey things, and I'd also like to put in a piano.

I finally settled on a living room set after much debating. I picked the Saxon sofa set in cranberry from Ingrid Ingersoll's HOMESTORE, and I'm very happy with it.

Yes, that is the class photo from the Ch'Know Academy for Deliquent Girls above the couch.

The house is textured in lovely natural wood and and stone, so I've been decorating in warm, sophisticated reds and golds (also two of my favorite colors.) So when I found these chairs at The Loft that go so perfectly with my table, I couldn't contain my excitement.

I think a new house is a good excuse for new furniture (translation: any excuse is a good excuse for new furniture) but I'm still hedging on if I want a new bedroom set or not. I did find one I really like at Instinct, but in the meantime I put my Cushy Artsy Bedset from Mudhoney in.

Not sure what I was thinking with this shot. Uhm...thank god for glitch pants.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the Fly

You know how I wrote last week about how I had found a house I loved, was going to get, was DEAD SET on? Um, the day before I was actually going to buy the damn thing I flipped out and went on a house hunt again and ended up getting something entirely different. Now granted, there were reasons I had second thoughts about the first house (the land I'm getting was a bit bigger in person than it seemed in pictures, and the little victorian would have looked like a doll house.) And I did find something I really love which I hadn't even seen before. So I guess it works out...but from now on maybe I should just do things on the fly and save myself the time and stress, since I obviously don't know what I really want.

However, I officially move into Bluebonnet tomorrow!! So I'll share pictures of the pretty house once I have it set up.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ass-shakin' Fun

I had a day off of work since the roads around me are in drive-at-your-own-risk conditions, so when the Ch'Know girls notified me that Prad Prathivi was opening his new club today, so I decided to drop in for the grand kick-off of C2P with the girls. I must say-- the place was rocking!! Very tastefully designed and I loved the lights, though the enormous poofer in the middle certainly wasn't helping any lag issues and I saw purple chunks flying at me for the first 10 minutes I was there.

Unfortunately SL was not at it's kindest today and with my poor old computer's struggles to keep up with SL graphics, I only managed to stick around for about half an hour and only managed to get one blurry, half-rezzed picture.

The place did have a fair crowd of very fun people, so this might be a club I wouldn't mind going to now and again. I'll certainly have to go back later and take a better look around when SL is nicer.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Sometime next week, I will be bidding farewell to my little rented skybox. You will be missed, little rented skybox.

But I am moving on to bigger and better things, namely a nice spacious lot in Bluebonnet!! Alicia fired off a message in Plurk about the available parcel a couple days ago, and after hemming and hawwing over my SL budget for a bit I decided to make the dive. So I'll start renting after payday next week. =)

I spent most of yesterday looking for a house. Well, at least trying to look for a house. At one point I got distracted and was staring at trees. (no, I am NOT an alt of Wrath Paine!) But in my wandering I did find a place with nifty stuff for a vegetable garden, which I totally want.

I did eventually decide on a house though, and I'm glad I found it!! It's a lovely little two-story classic Victorian with a wrap around porch, and I think it's perfect. (It's a bit pricy, but Kharisma is willing to pay for perfection.)

Isn't it cute? I love Victorians!!
In my last post I promised a pic from our adventure with the schoolgirl outfits from Sweetest Goodbye. Alicia already has it up on her blog, but here it is anyway:
I agree with Alicia, we look like we belong in reform school.